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Joint Pain

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Joint pain can range from mild to disabling and certainly interferes with your quality of life. Grace Family Medicine Direct Primary Care of Wellington provides evaluation and support for your joint pain, whether caused by an injury or disease. Call the Wellington, Florida, office today or book online for more information about how you can find relief from joint pain.

Joint Pain Q & A

What causes joint pain?

Joints are the connections between your bones and are made up of connective tissue and bone tissue. If damage to these structures occurs, it can interfere with your range of motion, cause stiffness and swelling, and result in painful movement. Joints that give you the most trouble are usually the knees, back, hips, shoulders, and elbows.

The most common causes of joint pain include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Gout

Injuries due to overuse, strains, and sprains can also cause joint pain.

How is joint pain evaluated?

When evaluating joint pain, the providers at Grace Family Medicine Direct Primary Care of Wellington first do a thorough review of your medical history and family history. They also get input from you about your joint pain to determine if what you’re experiencing is mild, moderate, or disabling.

Your joint pain can come on suddenly and then go away after a few days or weeks – or it can persist for weeks or months on end. Joint pain may also be constant or come and go depending on the day and the activity.

You may experience reduced function, swelling, and stiffness, too. Your provider may test your range of motion, and send you for imaging tests to determine if a joint has damage. Grace Family Medicine Direct Primary Care of Wellington has agreements with imaging facilities that provide discounted rates for patients. Blood tests and other screenings can give further information about the underlying cause of your painful condition.

How is joint pain treated?

The goal of treatment is to help reduce pain and improve function. Bracing, slings or other forms of immobilization may treat sprains and strains. These acute cases may simply need additional rest. You can manage pain using over-the-counter pain medications and prescriptions, when necessary. Joint injections and lifestyle changes are other ways to treat joint pain.

If you’re carrying excess weight, this can contribute to joint pain. Your provider can help you develop a weight-loss plan if needed. Eating food that discourages inflammation, such as vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats, also helps support healthy bones and connective tissue.

If you’re suffering from joint pain, call Grace Family Medicine Direct Primary Care of Wellington or use the online tool to schedule a consultation.